Supreme Court on Corruption Subramanium Swamy vs Manmohan Singh

“Corruption devalues human rights, chokes development and undermines justice, liberty, equality, fraternity which are the core values in our Preambular Vision. Therefore the duty of the court is that any anti-corruption law has to be interpreted worked out in such a fashion as to strengthen the fight against corruption. That is to say in a situation where two constructions are eminently reasonable, the court has to accept the one that seeks to eradicate corruption to the one which seeks to perpetuate it.” A.K.Ganguly J. in Subramanium Swamy v. Manmohan Singh, (2012) 3 SCC 65, para 68
In this decision the Hon’ble Court laid down a outer time limit of 3 months (1 month if AG is to be consulted) for grant of sanction in corruption cases. Apposite also is to remind the readers that in the past courts have uheld the direct cognizance of corruption matters by Sessions Courts to expediate matters, and also it has been held that there would not be any stays in corruption matters.


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